Land & Sea Provisions

Refrigerated Structures of New England partnered with Land and Sea Provisions of Pembroke, Massachusetts upon their inception in 2020. Land & Sea procures, processes, and distributes over 2,500 meat, seafood and specialty products to chefs, restaurants and markets throughout New England. Land & Sea was in need of a dedicated, long-term partner who could help them address the cold storage needs of a growing business.

RSNE’s experienced solutions providers were able to create a custom cold storage plan for Land & Sea’s new warehouse space, and fabricate and install a 1,800 sqft freezer and a 1,600 sqft cooler. Their continued growth necessitated a 150 sqft expansion of the cooler.

RSNE’s custom panel systems allow us to develop flexible solutions that maximize the use of your space and address your cold storage needs as they evolve over time.