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What is Refrigerated Structures of New England’s service area?

What services does RSNE offer?

What is your installation process like?

Prior to the installation phase of a project, RSNE makes at least one site visit to review layout, logistics, and identify any potential complications that may affect a timely and efficient installation.

Once the site review is complete, RSNE will coordinate with the customer to finalize an installation date and confirm the expected duration of the project. Most smaller projects can be completed within 3-5 business days. For smaller projects, RSNE may “pre-build” or fabricate your structure in our Lakeville, MA facility prior to delivery and assembly at the job site. This reduces the amount of time required to custom cut our panels on-site and is particularly useful for structures being built in irregular or small spaces. In other cases (i.e., larger projects) RSNE may have materials delivered directly to our customer’s job site to streamline logistics.

RSNE provides all material handling and installation equipment for the project, and our own highly experienced technicians complete the project. RSNE does not subcontract our installation work or employ temporary labor.

Once RSNE’s structural work is complete, the other trades we partner with will complete the installation of all other required equipment and fixtures (e.g., refrigeration equipment, electrical, plumbing, etc.).

Finally, once the structure is fully operational, RSNE will meet with our customer to ensure complete customer satisfaction and confirm the structure meets our high standards for form, finish, and function.

How do you ensure compliance with safety, city permits, and health regulations?

Do you install or repair refrigeration equipment?

What sets Refrigerated Structures of New England apart from your competition?

What size cooler or freezer can you build?

I think my walk-in needs help. Can you recommend whether I need repairs or a full replacement?

What form of insulation do you use for your coolers and freezers?

Do you repair insulated floors and ceilings?

What kind of doors do you install?

Can you fabricate a custom replacement door for my existing door?

Can I purchase a RSNE custom door and install it myself?

Do you build coolers and freezers with glass reach-in doors?

We’re excited to work with you.

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