Outdoor Cooler/ Freezer Combo

Late on a recent Thursday afternoon, RSNE received an urgent phone call from a new customer.  The customer had purchased an established older restaurant and was in the process of refurbishing and upgrading both the kitchen equipment and building infrastructure. 

Earlier in the day, the facility’s freezer experienced a major refrigeration failure and the owner requested a quote for a replacement cooler/freezer combination box from RSNE.  

By Friday afternoon, we completed and communicated the quote to the owner who reviewed and approved it.   Fabrication work commenced the following Monday and was completed on Tuesday afternoon.  The structure installation started on Wednesday morning with the floor, wall and ceiling panels.   The doors and final trim were installed on Thursday and a membrane roof was installed by a RSNE-coordinated, third party contractor on Friday.    

The owner was extremely pleased with the expedited timeline and even more impressed by the attention to detail and quality workmanship of the structure.

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